Sunday, August 3, 2008

You really can't get there from here (Friday, August 1)

Friday was the second car day. We drove from Branson to Little Rock to visit the Clinton Presidential Library and then on to Mississippi.

I used to live in Massachusetts and one of the T-stops I would often pass was the one for the JFK Library. I never got off to visit it. I regret that now, but at that time I didn't know what a Presidential Library was all about. My first Presidential Library to visit was the Jimmy Carter Center in Atlanta. It really is a beautiful place. This is where I figured out how cool the Presidential Libraries were and what they had inside. I've visited the FDR historic sites in New York, but wasn't able to go to the museum. I'll have to get back to that one.

At some point quite a few years ago I decided that it would be cool to visit all of the Presidential Libraries. My grandfather had a goal to visit all of the state capitals. There is a lot of old movie film in a box at my Mom's house of my grandma walking up the steps of many, many, many state capitals. I didn't think I would ever really do that, but I figured I could do the libraries. Then, last year I found out that my brother had the same ambition. He had visited the Gerald Ford Library in Michigan last year.

So, between Branson and our next destination (Tunica, Mississippi), was the Clinton Presidential Library. We both can cross that one off of our list now. There is many a joke to be made about the Clinton Library. And my Mom was right there to make them. It actually does look like a double-wide trailer, sort of, so well...couldn't the architect have seen that one coming? I enjoyed the visit. Inside the building is beautiful. I would like to go back sometime when I have a little more time. There are also a lot of other things to see in Little Rock, like the Central High School Historic Site. I will go back, someday. But maybe not in August. It was 99 degrees today.

On to Mississippi, and getting hotter.

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