Monday, August 18, 2008

The Oil Can ROCKS

On Saturday evening, we had tickets to the Grand Opening of Lucas Oil Stadium. Which, was kind of cool, but not as cool as I expected it to be. The lines to see the locker rooms were way too long by the time we made it down on the field, so we did not get to see either The Colts or the Visitors locker room.

The event was pretty easy to do as far as parking and walking and dropping off goes. I dropped my Mom and everyone else at the front entrance and I drove to a Lilly parking garage and then walked back to the stadium. When we came out, it was easy to reverse and I was able to get the car and then go pick them up without much trouble. No traffic lines or anything.
Lots of people at the stadium were Colts fans, others were there to "see what my taxes are buying", etc., but everyone seemed to enjoy the opportunity for a walk-through of the stadium for "free". I say "free" because they did charge others for parking and this was the prime opportunity for selling all that Colts merchandise and concessions. I hope I get an opportunity to attend a game sometime.

There is much discussion around Indianapolis about what to call Lucas Oil Stadium, like a nickname. My Mom has suggested "the Oil Can", but I don't think it will really catch on. Some TV reporters have been calling it "the Luke", but Forrest Lucas of Lucas Oil doesn't like that at all because one of his competitors is Luke Oil. Mr. Lucas isn't really getting his $123 million dollars worth if they call it that.


SSS said...

I read about this nickname snafu in the IBJ...don't you think they might have come up with their own nickname for the stadium first? Like, get out in front of it?

(Especially since "The Luke" is totally the natural nickname. I saw the IBJ headline "Lucas Oil head discourages stadium nickname" or whatever and tried to think of what the nickname might be, and "The Luke" was the first one I came up with.)

Marianne said...

I kind of like "the Dipstick." Think that would work? LOL!

SSS said...

Hey, KT -- I "tagged" you over at my blog. This has consequences for you. :) Click on over and see what it means.