Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Big House, A Pink Palace, and some Marching Ducks (Saturday, August 2)

I was responsible for the Saturday itinerary in Memphis. I have always wanted to go to Memphis to visit Graceland, the Civil Rights Museum, and see the Peabody Ducks. I really just hadn't planned on the Excessive Heat Warning that would also occur on the same day.

We started out with a good breakfast. I though a full tummy would get everyone in a good mood. Some caffeine, some pancakes, chocolate milk. That is what we need, energy to get us through this day. And off it was to Elvis' house. My older sister had told me that Graceland is a magical place for little boys, because they would all choose to live in a house like Elvis had. A soda fountain, 3 TVs in one room, a game room, the Jungle Room, and a swimming pool. What more could you want? How about 2 private planes and so many cool cars. And two buildings full of trophies. My nephew didn't really know about Elvis before Saturday, but in the gift shop as he and his Dad were picking out some Elvis wind chimes he said, "Dad, we gotta get this one, it has his picture on it!" By the way, did you know they have a whole separate "Elvis at Home" store? How many Elvis sink strainers do you think they sell everyday?

From Graceland, we made a quick stop at the Pink Palace. We went to the Planetarium show, which provided a nice break in a comfortable chair, in a dark room. Those who wanted to could close their eyes and rest, others had a show about stars and planets that was somewhat entertaining, but could have been better. Back to the car....

And on to Peabody Place. Have you heard of the Peabody Ducks? They are pretty famous and they march into and out of the lobby fountain of the Peabody Hotel every day. There is a video of the march here. I had always wanted to see this duck parade, I just didn't know how many other people would be there to enjoy it with me. This is quite an event. My nephew got to sit right along the red carpet for the march out of the lobby on Saturday evening. He said the ducks flapped their wings and got him wet. Pretty cool.

Dinner at Pizza Hut, then back to the hotel. One more day in the car, and vacation is (sort of) over.

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What? No Memphis BBQ?! Shucks!