Sunday, August 3, 2008

West to Branson (Monday, July 28)

I actually can't remember what time we finally got to my brother's house to leave. I know we were late, but when I got home, I was glad I had taken the extra hour to clean the kitchen floor and wash up all the dishes. It is good to come home to a clean, non-smelly kitchen.

This day was primarily spent in the mini-van. It was a beautiful Jimmie Johnson blue color and I wish I had taken a picture. My nephew picked it out. Somewhere close to St. Louis we stopped at a Rest Area and ate a beautiful lunch packed up by my sister-in-law. I really need to buy some applesauce. I like it a lot.

We played car bingo, read a few chapters of "Mr. Popper's Penguins", and talked about how much fun we were going to have. This was a long day in the car, but I didn't notice it too much. Was it the excitement? Or just that it was new? It wasn't too long before we stopped at Lambert's Cafe, the home of throwed rolls. Yep, throwed rolls. There is a guy that comes up and down the aisles throwing hot rolls to anyone who asks for one. He throws them all the way across the room. Pretty cool. And our table only dropped one! Check out their menu. Definitely not on the heart healthy list of approved restaurants, but it is an experience. And hey...we were on vacation.

After dinner and about an hour more of travel, we were settled in our condo and ready to crash. The next day would be full of activity!!

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