Friday, July 11, 2008

Tiger Boy, the best dog in the whole world

Yeah, yeah, yeah...I know your dog or bunny or whatever furry, scaley thing you may spend your time with is the one that you think is the best in the world, but, have you met my Tiger Boy?

I adopted Tiger a few months ago. He's a shy guy, even scared of me at first, but he is doing very well now. He's asleep in his chair right now. I am so excited to actually have a dog that will fetch. He loves it! Indoor or outdoor, balls, stuffed animals, or sticks, if you throw it, he'll go get it. Until he gets tired and then it is nap time. What a great life.

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Marianne said...

Hey, Lucky Girl! I love your blog - and I'm already in love with Tiger even though I haven't met him yet. Tell him I'm looking forward to meeting him in September. :-)