Saturday, July 19, 2008

I miss Corn

When I was growing up, there was a commercial on TV for a place called Indiana Beach. It had a very snappy song, complete with animated crow called "There's More than Corn In Indiana" (which I am unable to find on You Tube).

Have you ever just stopped to look at the corn? It is beautiful. Tall and green and reaching for the sky. How does a little seed grow that tall? Or three little seeds (the way my Dad used to plant corn)?

This year due to the floods in Indiana, the corn is not looking as strong as it normally looks. The saying goes that the corn needs to be "knee high by the 4th of July" and in a lot of places it doesn't look like it made that guideline.

A few years ago, I was at work at a diversity workshop. I had to go, but I usually like to go to those workshops anyway. I ended up sitting next to a manager that I knew, but not very well. I knew she was originally from a coastal state, but we had never really talked about anything like that. Anyway, she had just been in Indiana for a couple of years and she said that as a runner, she found running in Indiana to be very boring because of all the corn. I said, "I think corn is beautiful", and I got a look as if I had 3 heads. Yes, there's even diversity in the landscape that we prefer.

I do believe that corn is beautiful. But just wait until I see my first amber wheat field of the season. Then, we'll talk about beauty!!!

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Marianne said...

I think corn is beautiful, too. And the cornfields have a nice smell when there's been enough rain . . . just really fresh and "green." Your posting has given me some pleasant memories of when I was growing up and we had cornfields next to our house. :-)