Friday, July 25, 2008

For the Love of NASCAR...

Yes, I used to be one of you. One of those people who used to make fun of NASCAR. I know all about the Billy-Bob stories and making fun of the people who think the Moon landing was filmed in a Hollywood studio while NASCAR and pro wrestling are REAL.

There are a few things that changed my thoughts on NASCAR. One of which was the eulogy given for my Aunt Edith, who was always a big racing fan. I knew that she liked Indycars and the Formula 1 series (the elite of Auto Racing), but I didn't know that she liked NASCAR. The minister of the Zanesfield United Methodist church who did her eulogy talked about the years upon years of my Aunt's community service, dedication to the church, care for the sick, volunteering at the local library, and her love of NASCAR.

The minister said that when he first came to the church, my Aunt Edith talked to him about the length of his sermons and the need to get out of church by 12 noon. He said at first he didn't really realize what she was getting at, but she then explained that she had to get home for the start of the race. Over the years, the minister and my Aunt worked out an agreement that she wouldn't complain if he got a little long-winded and during NASCAR season she had his permission to leave the service when she needed to so that she could get home for the start of the race.

I can't say that I've ever watched an entire race, but there is some sort of connection that I get with my family by keeping up with it a little bit. My Mom watches NASCAR now, my brother and nephews watch too. It is all about picking a favorite driver (which I officially have not done yet) and seeing what happens. Part of it is that I love sports, and I can find a way to watch about any sport. But more importantly, I feel a family connection to NASCAR.

Someday I will pick a favorite driver. But for now, I'm off to Practice Day for the Brickyard 400.

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Marianne said...

Your Aunt Edith sounds like she was pretty cool. Having grown up in NASCAR-land (2 hours from Charlotte, 1 hour from Darlington and Rockingham) I can attest to its power and pull!