Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Twitter Experiment

For the last couple of weeks or so, I have been using Twitter. I have had an account for a long time, but this last week was the first time I actually made my Twitter page my home page and it sort of "forced" me to update at least once a day. (Sometimes I still didn't update, because I think I'm pretty boring). But really, I realize that I only have 2 real followers, and one of them doesn't seem to have logged in for months. So...really, I have one person who reads my updates. Not really a following.

Twitter is sort of like instant messaging to the world. You have 140 characters to answer the question "What are you doing now?". And you answer it over and over as "tweets" to your followers. A lot of people use twitter as marketing, so sometimes twitter seems like spam that you have willingly signed up for. I learned this by signing up to follow the wrong people. They have since been blocked.

On Tuesday night after the inauguration, FoxNews reported on Barack Obama's tweets using Twitter. They reported incorrectly, but nonetheless, Twitter is becoming more popular. It is fun to follow some people like Greg Grunberg of Heroes. But, my twitter experiment is over. I may update Twitter on occasion, but really my Tweets have just become a conversation between me and my friend Scott. And really, I should just pick up the phone if I want to talk to Scott.

And really, who cares that I spent Friday night doing my taxes? Or should I even admit that on a live feed going out to the world?

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