Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Lucky Dog at The Lucky Dog Retreat

Yesterday, Tiger went to a doggie play group at The Lucky Dog Retreat. It was his first full day of daycare at this very cool place for very lucky dogs. Last week, he had a 2 hour "try out" to see if he was well-suited for the play group, and he passed with flying colors. He loved it, and all the folks there seemed to love him too.

I wanted Tiger to go on a relatively slow day for his first day, so I signed him up for a Saturday. Starting this Tuesday he will go every Tuesday unless I am out of town. You can catch him on their webcam here. They have a huge play room with a lot of kid toys, the big plastic kind that look like they were made by PlaySkool. I saw Tiger on the red steps when I checked in on him yesterday. At this place, they play all morning in the big playroom, then take a break for lunch and a nap. Then it is back to the playroom until I pick him up.

I was motivated to sign Tiger up for this due to the recent cold. It has been so cold lately that we haven't been able to go to our regular play place, the Broad Ripple Dog Park. Tiger doesn't like to be out in the cold too much. He tolerates it for a little bit because he wants the exercise, but he doesn't really like it. And, I don't think he would tolerate the sweater I have for him.

But now, my Tiger is sleeping. Playing all day has worn out my puppy. (That is the point of going.) So, it will be a lazy dog Sunday around here. I watched a movie and I'm doing laundry. Tiger has been watching it snow, "through his eye lids" as my Mom would say.

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