Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Best Brownies

I'm baking brownies right now. They smell really good. My nephew Josh and his wife Allie are home from California for the week and today is "hang out Saturday" at my brother's house. Sort of an open house for all of their friends. My sister-in-law is making food and she asked if I would bring brownies.

Brownies are a standby for me if I need to take sweets to an office party or someone's house. Everyone always loves my brownies. They always ask for the recipe, but I never really tell what it is that I do. Even my Mom has asked me for my recipe. Today, it will be revealed right here on the blog.

First, I go to the store and buy the absolute cheapest plain brownie mix I can find. Lately, I have been using the Marsh "Food Club" version. And next, and this is the important part....I follow the package instructions. Can you believe it? Yes folks, that is the big brownie secret. Now, my pan is over size, so I actually use 3 boxes of brownie mix, so that may make my brownies a little thicker. I also believe that my pan is magic, because everything made in that pan tastes good.

Sometimes I use embellishments for the brownies on top. Today I am using the mini-M and M's. But the topping really has nothing to do with the baking of the brownie.

So, that is it.


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Yum! I can smell brownies now. :-) Have you ever seen those special brownie pans that make it possible for every brownie to have a crust side?