Sunday, October 19, 2008

Welcome Sadie

Sadie the Boxer came to live with us on Tuesday. She was rescued from a shelter by the Ketuckiana Boxer Rescue. Sadie is a lovely 8 year old girl, with big brown eyes and a bit of an under bite. Well, how about a lot of an under bite.

Sadie will stay with us until she can find a home of her very own. She is really a sweetie. She's 100% potty trained (no accidents even in a new environment), gets in her crate nicely, and enjoys a stroll around the yard or around the block. She is very, very, mellow. Loves her mealtimes and in between snacks too! She has some arthritis in her leg, which has been a challenge with the stairs in our house, but she is getting the hang of it. I think she's doing pretty well now, since she's had 5 days practice.

I can never figure out who would take their 8 year old dog to a shelter. I'm hoping they had a good reason and it wasn't just because she was older. I always think that you teach your kids how to treat people by how you treat animals. Sometimes people think I go to the extreme with my dogs' health, but they are happy and they feel good. Acupuncture, Reiki, clinical trials for Heart medications; my dogs have tried it all. I always tell my Mom that she should take comfort in seeing what I do for my dogs, because I would do nothing less for her.

Sadie is the dog that I would want if I was 70. I've never been a person to like the small dogs, but I'm always scared that a big dog will overpower me when I am old. Sadie is a very mellow girl and a great companion. And, like me when I'm older, she would prefer a ranch-style home.


Mariandy said...

So how does Tiger like his new roommate? :-)

K.T. said...

Tiger is good with Sadie. She certainly can't keep up with him, since he is just a young boy, but she does very well to tolerate time alone in the house while I take him to the dog park to zoom around with the other dogs. She still has never had an accident, and is just a real sweetie. I am amazed at how much healthier she is just in the last few days. A good diet and some exersize have done wonders.

Mariandy said...

Just goes to show you what a little love and care can do! :-)