Sunday, October 19, 2008

Dog Days

Yesterday, Trevor and I had a day devoted to the dogs. When we got up, we played with Sadie and Tiger at home. Around noon, we went to my work's Pet Owner's Club fall outing at the dog park and had lunch and were involved in all kinds of dog activities. We then went to my friend Naomi's house because she has 5 puppies that she is fostering and we wanted to see them and play with them. Then we went home for a while and fed Tiger and Sadie, and kind of chilled out. Then later that night, we went to see Beverly Hills Chihuahua, which was a cute kids movie. (I could have totally fallen asleep, but I didn't, so that is a good sign).

I'm sure there will be some pictures of Tiger at the park from the photographer at the event. I'll post one here, if I can get it. We all had a great day!

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Mariandy said...

Sounds like you've gone to the dogs! I miss my doggies. Can't wait to get home to them. Less than a week to go!