Monday, September 1, 2008

Slow Food

As many of you know I have been eating mainly organic fruits and vegetables for about a year now. I do think they taste better, fresher, last longer, etc. But, probably the biggest reason I have stuck with it is because of the delivery service. I love every other Thursday when I get my green bin delivered to my doorstep from Farm Fresh Delivery. During the last year, I have eaten some things that I have never or would have never eaten had I not been using this service (i.e., fresh spinach, pink lady apples, rainbow carrots). If those things had not been in the bin, I wouldn't even have tried them or tried to cook them in the case of the spinach. But, they are things that I now regularly order.

The way it all works is that the Farm Fresh people have a "standard bin" that they have all picked out for you, but you are given 4 days to log onto their Internet site and exchange anything in the standard bin for something that you like better. I started out trying to at least try something new each time. I've sort of stuck to that, but as the late summer harvest is upon us, my love of green beans, corn on the cob, and fresh tomatoes has taken over. I also can eat up a head of lettuce pretty quickly.

And the fruit and vegetable delivery is just the start. I am so lucky that I live within walking distance of Goose the Market. I affectionately call Mollie and Chris Eley's market "the corner store", but it is way more than just a store. The sandwich shop, coffee place, meat market is where I have been getting meat on a regular basis, and buying bread from the Breadsmith. For you foodies out there, the Goose has earned top sandwich in the U.S. from Bon Appetit magazine. While you guys know me, and the sandwiches are a bit fancy for my plain jane taste buds, I still think it is pretty cool.

Anyway, tonight I had the absolute best pork chop for dinner that was marinated by Chris, and then cooked up on my George Foreman. (I'm hoping he's not offended at my George Foreman cooking, but that is how I do it these days.) Anyway, the pork chop was totally scrumptious and it seems, whenever I get something from there and take the time to cook it with some vegetables, it reminds me of a simpler time. When we sat down for dinner, at a table, and enjoyed a meal and conversation. And while I ate my pork chop and side items alone tonight, next time I will be sure to invite someone so that they can taste the great taste of Slow Food.


Esmerelda said...


Geoff and I so something very similar down here in B-town. We belong to a CSA and get a fresh basket once a week. We love going to the farm and seeing what is in our basket every Wednesday. We also had to option for fresh eggs.

You come for dinner sometime and we'll eat homegrown Indiana food on the patio. Okay?


Mariandy said...

That is so cool that you get the Farm Fresh Delivery. I just found their web site not too long ago and I signed us up for it, starting next week when I get back. I can't wait!

So when are you going to invite me over for some of those George Foreman pork chops? I'm ready!

K.T. said...

Esme- I will be calling sometime soon for that trip to Bloomington and a visit to your patio!! You too will have to visit me next time you are up this way.

M- as soon as you are back in US air space, I'll plug in the grill. :-)

SSS said...

Let's see if we can get Chris at Goose to develop a pb&j for us!