Monday, April 20, 2009

I am Tiger Woods

I hit a real golf ball with a real golf club today for the first time in my life. For my first non-mini-golfing experience, I actually did okay. My friend who is a pretty good golfer (he has hit a hole in one!) took me to a driving range and told me how to hold the club and where to stand and coached me through it.

My big fear was that I would keep swinging and totally miss the ball every time. During the session I totally missed the ball less than 10 times. So for a first day, I count it as a win. Now, much like my softball swing, I tend to pull the ball and hit straight down the third base line no matter where I think I'm aiming. That would be the frustrating part if I was on a real golf course.

I'm ready for another trip to the Golf Dome.


Anonymous said...

First time my behind... She is a ringer or a natural, either way I am in trouble. KT has a smooth stroke and is down the middle 90% of the time. She hit her target at will... I do think a glove may be in order, only to protect herself from her own nails... Great Job KT...

Mariandy said...

You never know. KT could end up with a green jacket someday. Hey, it could happen!